Wednesday, 7 September 2011


I am right aren't I, it's Wednesday again. I'm sure I only said that yesterday. There is absolutely no way another week has gone by, I mean, I can't even remember Thursday or even Saturday or Monday, so surely not. It's getting beyond a joke now, this disappearing of days. Some one must know where they keep going 'cos I don't. Do you think our Julia knows? After all, she is the leader of this Wednesday phenomenon when we all bare our spaces for the world to see. I wonder whether this 'disappearing of days' is only happening in this wet and windy part of the world, or if it's going on all over the globe? Now there's a puzzle.
Joking apart fellow woywwers, I really don't know where the days have gone but do vaguely remember making 3 journal tags for Heather's swap, completing a bit more of the bead project and then making a complete mess of a journal page challenge. I cleared my space after that one!!! However, I did win the challenge last month and my prize arrived yesterday. Here it is:
A book about fairies following the challenge theme which was just that. I'll take it away with me next week in the hopes I get chance to do a bit of reading.
Other than that, my space is bare, so instead of boring you again with a photo of an empty desk, I took this one of the shelf above the window which used to house my 2 cat statues, but now holds my spray paints etc.
It's a tiny area and is crammed full. You can see my woyww anniversary pif, a photo of Toby, a couple of signed pieces by special crafters, a card I made at a Lindsay workshop, colour wash, perfect pearls, gesso, matt medium and Terra. The dark binder holds my Tim Holtz stamps and you can just see the strap of my camera bag.
So what's on your work desk this week? I'll just pop round and have a look. See you tomorrow - I mean next Wednesday!!!!!


jill said...

Well done winning a book . love your clock

Penni said...

Love your workspace.

Thanks for the peek.


Jennibellie said...

Your workspace looks so neat and tidy, I'm a little green with envy :) thanks for sharing, Jenny

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Thanks for the look around. That clock is fantastic!! xx

soniajones said...

Hi Joanne - how does that small shelf hold so much stuff?? What is pif? and what do you do with Terra? speak soon xx

jude said...

Well done on your win honey.loving the look of all those bottles.Happy woyww
hugs judex 6

Sunshine Girl said...

Congratulations on your win and lots of lovely goodies on that shelf there - isnt that terro paint fab.

Sarah Anderson said...

That looks like a good book, must look that one out!

Crafting Time said...

Well done on winning your book, looks like a good read. I notice you are an Andy Skinner fan, I love his work too.
I am a new follower of your blog, if you have a few spare minutes please pop over and say hello I came across you via WOYWW.
Helen x

Julia Dunnit said...

Well matey, it's all frightfully tidy and ship shape if you ask me. I utilise the space above my window too - there's a teeny ledge and I've propped some of my famous artworks from WOYWW friends there. great minds huh?!