Thursday, 20 December 2012


I have waited for today for so long and now I really don't know where to begin this post - bit emotional. Perhaps a good place would be to tell you that - IT'S MY BIRTHDAY.
Even more surprising as I was a 10 month baby and should have been born in November.

This is me a few months later after my diphtheria inoculation.
Look at that cutie. Can you imagine my dad at birth weighing in at a massive 12lb+ in 1904 and I weighed around 7.5lb.
Celebrations and frivolity all round but please take a minute to note the date:
A date that will never happen again. My 'special' day is not 'just 'special though. This is what made me realise that this year was going to be a good one for me, ok, there have been a few hiccups but overall it's been ok, afterall, I've won numerous craft prizes, 2 came from Tim and 1 from Ranger, can't be bad eh? But I digress - I'm allowed that today!
This is why today is so very special to me:
Add 20+12+20+12
and you get 64
believe it or not but that is how old I am today - I know, you think I'm 45!! Yeh I wish!!!!
Now, how many peeps can claim those maths on their birthday??
I decided to celebrate this 'never to happen again' date by re-vamping my blog. Please feel free to have a good look around it. My precious Toby has a wonderful new place, peeping out over all my posts (it's the original photo - can you believe that?) and just have a look at the background. It's made up of some of my 12 tags of Christmas - past - and celebrated the wonderful $100 prize I won after completing tags from 2011.
I love the colour and the way the posts move but the background remains static. So darn clever, all due to the expertise of my super talented son-in-law, Quentin. Just click his name to see more of his skills.
THANK YOU so much for doing this for me especially in time for the big launch today. Means so much Mwah x.
I leave you with a photo of some of my birthday cards plus a great big thanks to everyone who follows my wafflings.


Helen said...

Wow, a very special day indeed! Hope you spend it doing lot of great things. Happy Happy Birthday.

Lindsay Mason said...

Happy happy special birthday Joanne! I've just turned on the laptop and you were my first stop - your blog is looking wonderful and as for you....stop adding years to yourself just to make them fit the way!!! :)
Have a brilliant day and enjoy everything you get up to. Will be thinking about you.
Lots of love, Lindsay x x x

Artyjen said...

I hope your day is filled with wonderful things ;) Happy Birthday Joanne!
xoxo and hugs Sioux

pearshapedcrafting said...

Hope I'm not too late to wish you a very Happy Birthday! Our mums chose good days to have us didn't they - your maths puzzle is brilliant! Hope you've had a great day! Love Chrisx

Neet said...

Well, belated birthday greetings. What a lot of ways you have used your birthday - congratulations on your good year. Hope the next ;is as good to you.
Hugs, Neet 12 on WOYWW xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Well happy birthday Joanne, indeed a special date, hope you've enjoyed every minute!