Tuesday, 12 February 2013


I have a project ready but I may have a go at it tonight, not sure yet.
My phone hasn't been capable of making calls of late. Caused me to miss my friend Sonia last Friday at the Hobbycrafts show in Manchester. I was upset about that because I had an entrance ticket for her and she ended up having to pay. Anyway, my hubby went into town this morning so I decided to do a little food shopping. I was out a little longer than I planned so tried to ring him o see if he was home or not. Phone wouldn't call. Tried ringing the house phone - no luck. In the end I went
to town to EE who pressed a couple of buttons and hey presto - calls are back.
One day I will understand technology.....


Dawn said...

I am with EE as well I will have to stop by the shop as well. I still don't know how to use half the things on my phone I could do with a lesson lol. Love that sky van pic

pearshapedcrafting said...

Do you remember the good old days before we were bedazzled by technology? Wouldn't want to go back - although sometimes the frustrations with it all make me wonder!! Had a few hiccups making calls and comments lately! Glad yours was something simple, Chrisx