Thursday, 28 February 2013


Don't want another day like yesterday, it turned into a nightmare.
I have decided that our little 'porch', which isn't a porch any more as we knocked through to make it part of the kitchen, needs decorating. I sort of freshened it a bit last year by painting the squares on the paper below the dado and glossing the woodwork, but really it all needs re-doing including the kitchen ceiling. I've also decided to put myself through a bit of stress and make a Roman blind for the kitchen window re-placing the vertical blind, which I don't like. I say stress because I made one several years ago and they are really hard as getting everything straight isn't the easiest task especially when working space is limited and the floor no longer a possibility for 'crunching' joints. But I shall do it.
So this nightmare of a day began around 10am with a trip to the other side of Preston to buy a new tv aerial. The one we have is only about 3 years old but we have hardly used it as the only tv needing it is in the 'porch' and had a set top box with it. Hassle! so it never went on.
We bought a new tv on Tuesday with built in DVD player and Freeview so that DH can sit and watch films in peace while I watch the programmes on tele he doesn't like. Thoughtful wife here. Anyway, it turned out that the aerial was broken hence having to get another. So after that we had to go and get all the bits I need to make the blind, a trip to the other side of Preston, then for some wood, even further out of Preston only to come back again through Preston for the wood - needed to make a proper covering for the big pond courtesy of Mr Heron.
What should have been an easy shopping trip turned out not so because I could only get half of the velcro and blind tape I needed so after coming home, I had to set off again to this side of Blackpool to another Dunelm for the rest. Took me nearly 2 hours due to road closures and volume of traffic. Flippin heck.
At least I got it all. I'm using some new curtains I bought about October because the colour is just right. One will make the blind and the other a couple of cushions.
So I got back just before 4pm to a very unhappy hubby. He had been climbing up and down a ladder all the time I was out installing the new aerial and setting up his new red tele, BUT IT WOULDN'T WORK!!!!!!!!
The aerial is working perfectly, a meter checked that, so a phone call later meant another trip to the other side of Preston coupled with an engineers reference no. to return the faulty set and get another. It always happens to us - or do you know better I wonder?????
I've no idea how many miles we did yesterday but we had both had enough.
Today a family member should have been going into hospital but that's been cancelled until next month and I've just had a phone call cancelling my hair appointment today until next Tuesday. Nothing seems to be going right just now. However, there was one little ray of sunshine - well actually it was a lovely sunny day yesterday in the end and today is blue skies and glorious sun again - sorry, I got carried away - these:
Some of Andy Skinner's new masks and stencils and 2 from 'that special touch'.
Not sure when I shall find the time to play but am looking forward to when I do.
I wonder what today will bring especially as DH has just started to set up the new this space and better get prepared and close your ears!!!!!!!!!


Hazel (Didos) said...

Oh no sounds like a bad day, Hope that today brings sunshine and happiness, Love Hazelxo

Artyjen said...

Oh dear! It really was one of those days!!! Have fun with those stencils when you eventually get to play....I know exactly what you mean with the blind thing....made one...never really want to make another ROFL
xoxo Sioux

Gez Butterworth said...

Goodness! What a day!!

Fingers crossed everything else goes to plan as of today. Huggss xxx

Enjoy your goodies!

soniajones said...

A very large glass of Chardonnay - really helps xx