Thursday, 13 June 2013


Firstly I lost a contact lens rendering me incapable of doing most things safely - finally got a replacement late on Tuesday, then hubby and I tackled the bathroom floor which has been ruined by a water leak to the cistern which was behind the toilet and unseen til the floor decided to heave it's way upwards. Marathon of a job, especially at our age, but he said he could do it so we began.
Of course when a floor has to be replaced, what is on top of it has to come out. That meant this:
Now most people have inside toilets these days, so going back in time and having one outside didn't go down well................LOL. As there was a lot of work to be done, this is where it remained - covered up - for the night. Did we have crossed legs for 2 days?? no, we slept in the mororhome and made trips back and forth for the obvious reasons..
Yesterday the floor and wall were finished and we replaced the toilet only to find 2 leaks this time. Today will bring another attempt at sorting it one way or the other.

Here I am doing a bit of tiling. I know I have a proper tile cement scraper with a handle somewhere, but could I find it - NO. Improvise I thought and came up with this:

My trusty Vagabond, a piece of mount board and Tim's on the edge die Mini Scallop and Pinking. It worked perfectly to make an adhesive scraper. Thanks Tim, another use for my crafty stash. I hope today goes well and hubby can fix this water pipe join so that we don't have to start again. Wish us luck - please.


soniajones said...

apparently all these things make us stronger! HA! Good Luck anyway - from Hercules!!

Artyjen said...

Genius Joanne!! You should e-mail T!m your new use for his die cuts :)
xoxo Sioux