Tuesday, 11 June 2013


I have been short sighted since I was 7 - that's about 14 years ago now!!! LOL -  and have had contact lenses since I was  - a bit older than 7 + 14. However, as the years slipped by I had to wear reading glasses too. I reckon it's a Labrador and white stick next.........Anyway, I lost my left contact lens on Saturday night right outside the bathroom door, but can I find it, can I heck. Hence the 'struggling to see' bit.
I've ordered a new lens but goodness knows when that will arrive - today I hope because things are getting desperate now. I can't drive, can't see the tele, most objects are either blurred or in duplicate and what I do try to do has to be done with my nose almost pressed up against it - such as this post!!
Still, it's a minor inconvenience for me I suppose compared to folk who don't even have the ability to focus on anything so I must stop my moaning and get on with it.
I tried to take a photo of a clematis that has flowered for the first time - it being only a 2 year old plant - because the petals actually glisten in the sunlight and are the most beautiful colour I have ever seen. This is the best one I could manage but the glisten doesn't show up:
A piece of magic eh?
It's not fully open yet and the change in the weather may just spoil it but I've had a thrill to see that flower and there are a couple more to come. I just love flowers.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Joanne, hope you've received your spare lens by now because I know just what losing one feels like. I wear glasses all the time now but wore lenses for many years, beginning with the hard ones and then moving on to the various soft ones as they became available. And I can remember the agony of losing a lens. I'd stop where I was and tell everyone around me not to move, get them to check around me and on my clothes ... it's amazing where the sticky little blighters can adhere too! Once, one went missing in the bathroom and was found weeks later firmly stuck to the underside of the cork mat, all crinkled and beyond saving ... ah, the joys :)

Love your clematis, striking colour, and hope the weather doesn't spoil it for you.

Elizabeth xx

Artyjen said...

Ooh! That looks lovely....I'm waiting for mine to flower at the moment! Thanks for the good wishes again and RA off my Xmas list? Are you mad!! You don't abandon people who have helped you through the bad times!! ROFL
xoxo Sioux

pearshapedcrafting said...

I love clematis, (grew up on a nursery where they had a big role - my Dad had a new variety named after him) This one is beautiful and clearly worth waiting for - hope you get your new lens in time for the next flowers! Off to bed -our12 hour journey begins tomorrow at 8.30! Hugs, Chrisxx