Friday, 2 August 2013


This all started with a day out, last Saturday, to the Tatton Flower Show with  our Paula who is in the throes of transforming her now massive rear garden.
I do love gardening although the hard work is more and more difficult these days. My space is more or less unalterable but there is a tiny border, about 7' x 18" and I decided it needed a permanent makeover.
It began like this
Hubby painted the fence while I tried to find the spring bulbs whilst pulling out roots
Next bit was this
Then this
Ending like this
I've added a solar globe light which hangs from a stainless steel crook and it looks amazing.
The bees and butterflies think so too.


Elizabeth said...

Fabulous transformation - as the plants plump up it's going to be worthy of Tatton Park. I used to go to the flower show every year when I lived down there - now I watch it on TV instead, it's not quite the same though. Elizabeth xx

Artyjen said...

Wow! That looks super ;)
xoxo Sioux