Friday, 30 August 2013


What do you do the day after one of the best you've ever had? To start off, sleep through the night! That is so special for me and is just what I did last night. Lovely dreams of the amazing crafty time with the Duke of Distress. 
We lazily drove to Solihull, parked the car in a multi story car park the jumped on a bus to Birmingham centre. Never been to the Bull Ring so it was something to tick off the list - definitely ticked off.
A little walk around
Then back on the #37 bus back. Solihull has 'posh' shops in a 'posh' Mall which was very pleasant - but where the heck was the car????
After much wandering we finally found plus Morrisons - to stock up on liquid refreshments - then home.
Tomorrow will be a day of craft - yay!

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