Thursday, 26 November 2009


All finished and wrapped - that's the Christmas presents sorted.

I've always got this bit over and done with early because I can't stand the stress of leaving all that shopping to the last minute then having to cope with the hoards of equally stressed Christmas shoppers. Even though I shop online quite a bit, there are always some things that have to be bought locally from shops. Besides, there are other things to do in December such as:


Once again, Tim has decided to create his infamous 12 tags from 1 December to the 12th. You know what I shall be doing from next Tuesday. I have spare ink cartridges ready for my printer so I can print off each set of details daily and make a binder that I refer to throughout the year. Thank you Tim for this exceptional experience.

Also, the dates are now coming in for next years crafting. I have booked 2 of Lindsay Mason's workshops at the Dawn Bibby Design Centre which I know will be so exciting.

Heather, Lindsay's sister, has also planned some more ATC swaps which I await with anticipation. So, crafty excitment galore.

Heather has blogged some photos of ATCs she has made this week. Do check out her blog as there is candy to be had too. On one of her cards she used a photo of her Christmas tree from last year. What a smashing idea. Here's a photo of mine Heather, I wonder what you think of that?

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Heather said...

*LOL* Joanne - what an amazing looking upside down tree! Never seen anything like it! Ooh, I must remember to check out the TH tags too - great idea to keep the info in a binder as well.