Sunday, 22 November 2009


I received more ATCs this week, this time from Sharon (Ward).

It's lovely to see bright colours. They make this miserable weather more bearable. Ooops! no pun intended as one of the cards is of Daisy.

Sharon has used some lovely tiny stamps on the bottle top card. I would like those myself. The little peel off flowers have been carefully coloured in but I especially like the coloured edging to the acetate. Sets everything off just right. Buzzy bees and clocks and stamps are exactly what you would expect to find in a little boy's pocket, so Boys Stuff is an apt name for that card.

Lovely set once again. Well done Sharon.

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sharon said...

Thank you for showing Joanne! On the bottle top I've actually used a rub on. They are basic grey ones and I think one of the best as they come off so easily. I'll be looking forward to my next delivery! xx