Sunday, 10 July 2011


That's true, especially with these journal pages.
A great big THANK YOU for the words of encouragement. It really is a new venture for me and one I think I may just enjoy! After all my denying that it isn't for me, I may just get the hang of it and, if nothing else, enjoy making backgrounds.
Had another little play today and came up with this:
If I can really get the hang of doing quirky pages, then I know I am going to enjoy myself.


Heather said...

Ooh, Joanne, there's no stopping you now ..... love that page! And quirky is good !!! Can I ask whose the harlequin/diamond stamp is - or is it a mask? Can't wait to see what you create next! :o) Heather x

pearshapedcrafting said...

Heeeey!!!! You are getting into this aren't you? Many happy hours to come- like you I love making backgrounds! Just remember there are no rules and you can keep some secret if you don't want to share dark thoughts - just get it down!
Love Chrisx