Thursday, 7 July 2011


Why? because I've just spent the morning getting rather messy. Now I know you crafters love having inks and paints all over your hands and clothes, but I'm afraid I don't. Even as a child I hated to get dirty and really hated having sticky hands if I'd had a candy floss or something, so being in this state now is an adventure for me. But guess what - I HAD A BALL.
I used a bit of this:
Some of these:

Like this:

Quite a few of these:
The remnants of the rubber from the stamps I mounted the other day to give this effect:

Created this:
Which ended up like this:
Off to wash my hands now. x


Hels Sheridan said...

FAB!!! tis a good thing to leave the comfort zone every now and then... I am working on something very similar at the moment... you should see my paws lol

Zoechaos said...

The result is beautiful will you experiment like this again? XOXO Zoe

Joanne said...

Too right I will Zoe. I've always been a bit - 'careful' - with my products but now think, what the h**l, give it a go. Life is for living after all.
Hugs Joanne xx

Gez said...


Your artwork is gorgeous. Glad you had fun! I had to smile as my 4 yr old hates icky sticky in any way shape or form!!! He got felt tip pen on his fingers today and screamed like crazy.. especially as it wouldn't all come off!!

Enjoy coming out of your comfort zone.. can't wait to see more of your inky fun.xx

Artyjen said...'s a real treat!
xoxo Sioux