Friday, 6 January 2012


Oh dear! I suppose I have to admit being a teenager in the 60s. I remember screaming over the Beatles and waiting at stage doors for them to leave the theatre. I've seen Cilla Black, the Bachelors, Jerry and the Pacemakers, etc etc live on stage. I wore mini skirts and did a bit of rebelling when told to do something I didn't want to do. I wore chisel toed shoes and high heels with out heels!!! The best bit was I left school and bought a Lambretta 125cc scooter. Gosh, I still remember the registration, BFR 585B. See, the 60s were only yesterday!!
Thanks for that little blast from the past Wicked Wednesday ATCs. My little card doesn't have a scooter on it, although I nearly put a motorbike on, but it does show, ban the bomb, music, flower power, an old 'sharabang' and of course, some physcadelic (sp) patterns. The base was coloured with some paints I've had for such a long time and some glitter here and there. Everything else is embellishments.
I've been making ATCs for some years now and through them have made some very special friends. One of these is my pal Sonia. She is a whiz at this type of theme but doesn't join in Wicked Wednesday because she doesn't have a blog. I would however, like you to see a card she sent me  in Nov 2010. It's fab.
Do you agree that she should make the time to start a blog and share her art????


Jenn Borjeson said...

Fabulous ATC, Joanne! Thanks for joining us again at Wicked Wednesdays. Yes, I definitely think your friend should start a blog and join us, too! :)

soniajones said...

HaHa Joanne! One of these your 60s one xxx

Dr. Mary said...

Hi there! awesome card; love all those little elements and I'm so glad that you are sharing your friend's creation too. She should definitely start showcasing her stuff:) Thanks for joining us at Wicked Wednesday and I look forward to seeing you again!

Sharon said...

Love your ATC's - great 60's feel for our Wicked Wednesday ATC Challenge this week!! Perfect embellishments!

Maggie said...

Great ATC's ahhhh the memories lol.
was a teenager in the late 60's myself.