Friday, 24 May 2013


Another year has gone by again since this poignant day. It would have been Toby's birthday and he would have been 23yrs old today.
I am now making pages in his oriental scrapbook as the blue awning K & Co book is bulging. The papers for this book are just as ornate and don't really need much embellishing, besides which, that means thinner pages and less bulk.
Three photos taken over the years showing Toby really knew how to stretch out and be comfortable!!!!

Taken in the Arapaho motorhome about 14yrs ago.

More recent, about 7 or 8 years ago in the Hymer that we have now.
This one was taken at home about 16 years ago when we still had a wall separating the porch area from the kitchen. We bought a couple of caravan seats and made an area at one end that caught the sunshine. Didn't take Toby long to find it.
These are my 'Toby' shelves. You can see his albums at the bottom. His box is on the next shelf containg his remains which will go with his Dadi when his time comes. I have never opened this box, it's far too painful for me and if I saw the contents I would always remember him by what I saw instead of how he was. Something that has always been important to me is to remember how things were because we all know those wonderful memories are just that - memories. The 2 verdi gris cats are posing exactly the way Toby did so I just had to have those. The 3 pottery frames hold another set of special photos. You may recognise the one on the left because that forms the heading to my blog. On the top shelf are 3 little cats that simply took my eye but the wooden cat to the right is special because it was a present from Spain and given to me by a neighbour who no longer is with us.
So there is my birthday tribute to Toby for this year. Still greatly missed but always in our hearts and never forgotten.

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pearshapedcrafting said...

I love Toby's little corner, and know just how much you miss him! Great pics! Chrisx