Tuesday, 28 May 2013


How do we manage without them - mod cons that is.
Last Monday my washer decided it didn't mind washing clothes but it sure as heck wasn't going to spin them any more. As it was getting old - apparently!!!! - for an electrical item ie about 8 yrs old - it was on it's last legs. Throwing about £100 it's way was a waste of money so off hubby and I trundled to find a new one.
It should have been delivered on Saturday straight from the manufacturers place but by yesterday there was no sign of it. As I had a 'poorly' day, hubby went off to find out what had happened.
"It will be delivered on the 31st" said the store.
"Oh no it won't" said hubby
"Yes it will" the store retorted
"Then cancel the order and give me my money back because it should have been delivered last Saturday not next Friday" hubby replied.
"Well let me see what I can do - will tomorrow be ok?" said the now put in their place store.
So there we have it, a great big hole where the old one was waiting for the new one to arrive this afternoon.
Just need a blanking 'something' for the hot water connection as washers today only need a cold supply. Washing by hand is ok when the sun is shining but the heavens opened yesterday and I understand we may have rain at some point all week.
At least I don't have a pile of ironing. Small mercies I suppose!

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Artyjen said...

Yes...we do get used to those electrical items don't we?! Hope you are soon sorted ;)
xoxo Sioux