Sunday, 4 May 2014


It's such a lovely calm day, perfect for a bit of basket gardening! Hubby and I went down to our Paulas and we all took off to a local nursery to buy plants. At 80p each or £12.50 for 18 you can imagine how many folk had the same idea.
We were almost salivating at the choice. I ended up with these
After getting stuck in when we got home my new space is coming along nicely. 
Hubby is giving the motorhome a wash now ready for its MOT on Tuesday.
Not sure when we can get away in it other than September when we have 3 weeks booked in the east of the country but as soon as our 'towed' car passes it's MOT I can make some plans - I hope.


Nan G said...

The garden is looking grand. Nice motorcoach. Have a wonderful week.mhuhs

Nan G said...

Ugh, can't type at 12:44 am o'er....HUGS

pearshapedcrafting said...

Certainly is coming on nicely now! Just seen your rhubarb in a pot - never though of that - looks like it's coming on nicely too! Chrisxx