Saturday, 31 May 2014


The sun makes me happy, the long days of sunlight make me happy and plants make me happy, so put all 3 together and I'm on top of the world.
We had decided yesterday to continue with a bit of gardening but this time, sorting out some pots. An early start saw us down the road to a fantastic plant nursery to fill a wheelie truck of their finest. 
My little car was full.
A further 2 stops at other places and we were back home around dinner time. However, it took the whole afternoon to plant everything.
A lovely hanging basket for the front door.
The herb pot planted with trailing verbena and geraniums.
3 different verbenas for this little patch and a few osteospernums for some more pots
I planted 3 other pots plus put some trailing plants in my perennial border to hang over the railway sleepers. 
Tea time now.

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Artyjen said...

Super ;)
I'm looking forward to time in our garden :)
Florence was fab...posts are being lined up ;)
xoxo Sioux
a proper thank you card is due in the post but just to say thanks so much for the lovely canvas you created for us ;)