Sunday, 11 May 2014


I just wanted to thank friends and family for the lovely cards we received yesterday for our silver wedding anniversary and my hubby says a big thank you for his birthday cards. The lovely happy wishes kept coming from Facebook, Twitter, messages and phone calls too, all making a rainy day quite special. 2 Cards however, deserve an extra big thank you. My lovely friend Sylvia, (you know who I mean when I mention patchwork and peel offs - she is the mistress of both) sent us these fantastic creations.
We didn't have any special celebration or do anything out of the ordinary, we just roamed about, bought some plants, dodged the showers and had a wonderful meal in a new pub in Southport. Having said that, it was a nice day so we'll do it again in another 25 years time!!!!!!!

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Artyjen said...

Wishing you very many happy years in that next 25! Go for it :)
xoxo Sioux