Wednesday, 9 July 2014


I have some geraniums in one half of the border that spreads - like mad! - and entwines itself through other plants. Whilst the flowers are lovely I really don't like the plant's habit, so I replanted one elsewhere, dug one up and binned it and tied the other upright.
I then found a lavender cutting I took last year and moved that to give it some space and light and dug up 2 Aquilegia which were just leaves now. It looks like this
I plan to move more plants when the time is right as I now know how high each will grow.
The other half got a tidy up
The massive verbena are attracting the butterflies and you can hardly hear anything above the buzzing of the bees. Oh what joy!
And what a sight to savour

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Nan G said...

I love your garden! So beautiful! Your hard work has really paid off. Love the pics of the butterflies.