Friday, 25 July 2014


I was given my ticket to the show 7 months ago as a present from our Paula and Quenton. It's been in my bag all that time so I didn't lose it. 
Paula and I went last year for the first time and to say we were 'blown away' is a big understatement. 
However, realising we were going on ladies day made our minds start to work overtime - long dresses, hats or similar, wheelie boxes - oh not just plain old wheelie boxes, decorated ones.
I cannot believe I didn't take a photo of Paula's because she has sewn all her flowers and her box was just amazing. I had flowers which I put together and came up with this
The comments we received were numerous. We didn't do it for that we just wanted to take part in the day.
We also dressed the part and I even made my Fascinator . Now I hate having my photo taken but hubby took this of me at 7;40 this morning before I left
Stop laughing!! Actually my day was made when a lady stopped me to say I looked gorgeous. I nearly started to cry, how nice was that.
Didn't buy much but I loved these displays 
Rhodohypoxis / love these as the first we ever bought were from Totnes in Devon so are now called Totnes by us. 
Sempervirens display.
Took this one for hubby as he has a fern collection.
Lovely day. Lovely weather, but most if all lovely company ❤️


Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

So pleased you had a lovely day. Your flowers look gorgeous as does your dress . Did you manage to get your plant supports? Tracy x

Nan G said...

What a fab flowers how. Love your decorated trolley and your floral dress. Hugs

Elizabeth said...

You looked lovely and I love your flower decorated trolley. We used to go to the Tatton Park Flower Show every year, from the very first one, when we lived nearby in Derybshire. Now that we are in Scotland we have to settle for seeing it on TV instead. Lovely photos. Elizabeth xx