Tuesday, 1 July 2014


My perennial border that is.
Wow has it grown. Some plants are not true to their label like the verbena which must have been labelled wrong because they said 36" but they are already over 6' tall. I think they should have  had the 90" labels on them!!! Anyway, they are just gorgeous but far too big for my narrow border so I need to hatch a plan for 2015 which is just what I am doing now sat looking and contemplating with a glass of wine in the blazing sunshine.
Have a look at what I mean
I took out one of the geraniums today as it was covering the smaller plants beneath it and uncovered the striving lavender I took cuttings of last year. 
That's gardening according to Bill, my once head gardener, taking stock and moving plants around. 
I will certainly be doing that and enjoying every minute.


Nan G said...

Gorgeous! Everything filled in quite nicely. Enjoy! I will do same from across the pond. :) huhs

Artyjen said...

Crikey! My verbena is struggling to reach a foot at the moment...due in part to a thug of a shrub that was sending out runners everywhere....didn't mention that on the label either!!! ROFL Mr B did the trick though and dug it out ;)
xoxo Sioux