Tuesday, 16 December 2014


I have been lucky enough to actually meet some of my crafting pals and Sonia is one.
This lady can talk for England! but in saying that, meeting her several years ago now was a really easy and happy event. She is just 'bubbly' and a pleasure to be around.
Whenever I blog or FB something I have made that she hasn't seen or tried herself, I always get a request to explain how I did it. It's a case of posting then counting to 10 before I hear from her. My hubs and I laugh so much.
Sonia is very talented, just look at this card
It's so clean and neat and shouts Christmas. 
We haven't had a crafty session together for ages so we are going to plan a bit of 'messy' time next year. 
Thank you Sonia. X

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soniajones said...

aaaah thank you so much for the kind words - is that really me you're talking about??? haha and defo next year xxx