Friday, 19 December 2014


Not a card today but a sewn ornament. My beautiful step daughter, Paula is an immaculate seamstress. She has patience to make the most complex and sometimes tiny objects all of which come out perfectly. Not only do I now own a Christmas angel bear and Mrs Bun Bun but this amazing looking apple.
The material is lovely, really Christmassy with lots of gold shining on it. How she achieved that shape beats me. We have a sewing day planned for the 27th but as she has a lot of building work going on at home just now, we may just need a rain check on that. I will let you know although if we can go ahead I won't be able show what I make as it's a present. So thank you Paula, cos I love this - BTW - it won't be going away with the rest of the decorations after Christmas!!

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