Monday, 1 December 2014


Done and dusted. By that I mean the packages are in the post! 
If you receive one you can open the box because your Xmas card is inside. However, there is another treat tied with string which is really for Xmas - can you hear me Ms Jones!!!!!!
Obviously it's up to you whether you save it for the 25th or not.
I've had so much fun making these little presents and hope you get to use them and also have fun too.
Once Xmas day is over I will let you see some photos.
I'm off to continue playing on my iPad now thanks to help getting it linked to my iPhone from my SiL and SD. Too clever for me these youngsters today. Hehe!

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soniajones said...

hahaha I'm soooo pleased I'm getting one but waiting 'til christmas may be beyond my capabilities. I certainly wasn't on the front row when personal restraint was given out!!! xxx