Sunday, 21 December 2014


Today I was going to show you my amazing hand crafted birthday cards but hubby took me out all day yesterday and the light is too bad today to do photos justice. I hope I get chance to photo them tomorrow and share their magic with you. 
This post is another showcasing the amazing CHRISTMAS talent of my pals and highlights no other than the uber talented Hazel.
Believe me when I say this little chap follows you round the room and stands out vividly on the shelf. Hazel has perfected colouring as you can see and her creations are truly beautiful. She is a pal I have known for many years now but another I have never met. She is one of the best ladies I know and would be THE best if she let me have my puppy Belle back LOL 
THANK YOU Hazel for another wonderful card.
Just to let you know another little fact about these crafty pals of mine.
Hazel, Barb, Sylvia and Sonia all became known to me through swapping ATCs. The bubbly Leonie Pujol used to run an ATC swap group called Fab Friday. This is my now battered folder.
And these are some of our Leonies cards.
We all started to swap our ATCs around April 2008 so you can see how friendships are developed through craft and how they can become a major part of your life.
I treasure these lasses.

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Hazel (Didos) said...

The Woof is mine!!! LOL She sends puppy cuddles to you, mind you shes over excited from the last couple of days so a bit of a naughty woof today!! Love Hazelxx