Friday, 23 October 2009


I've been determined to use all the bits and, lovingly created!, toppers I have aquired, to make the rest of my Xmas cards. Hasn't really happened but I've made 2, one of which I photographed. Also, I've made an ATC this afternoon. However, my camera, (my lovely but annoying camera 'cos sometimes it takes a smashing photo, and sometimes not) has not taken a good photo so that will have to wait and I'll take a photo with my hubby's Sony instead.

BUT!!!! that bloomin' parrot. I just can't get this squarkingly gorgeous coloured bird ATC out of my mind. What are you talking (squarking) about girl (or, to put it correctly, OAP). It's that absolutely amazing, unbelievable, totally imaginative masterpiece that Heather displayed (only to taunt me!!!!) on her blog the other day. You know when something just 'hits the spot', this was it for me. I've blown it up (wish I could!! only kidding), laminated it and stuck it to the inside of one of my cupboard doors in my workroom. Can you guess how in awe of this thing I am?

On a more expensive note, I've just received the TSV from Tuesday's craft day on QVC. They all had a laugh about making backgrounds from shaving foam and spray paints/inks. Just viewed that bit and watch this space 'cos I have to try that. The results are gorgeous.
And - what are those two books then? Who wrote those? Are they any good?
They are brilliant. Click on the picture and all will be revealed. You may have trouble trying to source them though, they are like moon dust! (PS. hands off, they're mine) - at last.

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Heather said...

Ooh, blushing now, Joanne - but I'm glad you enjoyed the parrot atc so much - it really was a bit of "whimsy" - I think it must be the first time anyone's ever laminated one of my cards! :o)