Friday, 9 October 2009


I really think that 'spooky' things have been happening to my computer over the past few weeks.

The mobile web link has a mind of its own and waits for the most crucial time before performing it's little tricks, such as, going off line just as blogger is updating the rather lengthy article you have just written thus losing the lot! My PCs latest trick is not allowing downloads of photos but then placing the photo number on the relevant folder, without the picture. The best part though, is several days later, some of them appear!!!! How spooky is that? This has recently happened to me with the photos of the vintage ladies that Heather put on her blog for the 'witchy' ATC swap. Heather so generously sent me copies of them so that I could participate and as soon as they arrived, the ones I tried to download started to appear. There are still some hiding. I'm getting frightened!!

Anyway, I've made 3 cards. Here is a photo of the 3rd, if it uploads!

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Heather said...

Lovely background - glad you were able to follow my rather sketchy instructions!

Love your latest witchy ATC - I agree, it's all very "spooky" that your images started to appear like that - maybe it was all down to the recent Full Moon!