Monday, 12 October 2009


Time for a clean up in my workroom as the dust has gone grey and fluffy!!

I thought I would hang my Martha Stewart punches from beneath my shelves. They are out of the way but still accessible plus, being next to the wall allows the light to shine through the slats on the shelves so I can see what I am doing during the long dark days of winter. Look good eh?

Once I had made space and done all the polishing (yak, I hate housework), I made another 'witchy' ATC for Heathers swap. That's it though now. I've posted all 4 this afternoon. Roll on the next swap. I used to participate in Leonie's Fab Friday challenges, but since she started uni. she has been so busy that she can't manage them now. I love this sort of thing because it makes you think and allows you to learn so much when the professionals run these swaps.

My next task is to use up all the prepared Xmas toppers I've made and then to have a really good clear out of craft booty and get it on Ebay. Oh! does that mean more cleaning? Think I'll just let it accumulate a bit more.


Hazel (Didos) said...

Argh Cleaning??? Is that not an illness!!!! LOL
Mind you I am moving house soon so really should start cleaning stuff out but no motivation to do it!!!
WOW I would love the Martha Stewart Punches they look so good on cards. Hope to receive one of your ATC's with Heathers swap. Hazelxoxo

Heather said...

LOL - I agree too, cleaning??? It's all so booooring - mind you, I did run the hoover over and get a bit of dusting done this morning ..... but I'd've much rather been in my "craft" (spare) room doing something arty! :o)

Looking forward to seeing your witchy cards "in the flesh", Joanne!

Joanne said...

Thanks girls. One good thing to come out of my frozen shoulder problem, is, I must'nt do any low down cleaning which means stretching forward. Yippeee! hubby got to do some housework at long last!!!!!!!! xxx

sharon said...

Love your new look blog Joanne. I wish I had more time to have a play with mine!
Let me know the link for when you put your goodies on Ebay - I'd love to have a look....might treat myself, even though I must use up what I have already many times have I said that now?!?!