Friday, 30 October 2009

Wow! thank you so much Lindsay. I am really humbled that you even considered including me in your thoughts. Of course, Terry would say he deserves all the accolade he gets - which isn't usually much!! only joking. He too loves coming to your demonstrations and having a natter, if only to tell everyone how much I spend on craft. Such a darling!! Anyway, it's down to you, and your colleagues up and down the country, that I have this crafting passion and am finally making decent cards and ATCs occasionally. So another big thanks to you.
How difficult to pick 5 blogs that mean something special. I follow several and am amazed by the creations I see. However, after much deliberation I decided on these:
1. Without Leonie, I would never have started my passion for ATCs, nor would I have made special friends, especially Sylvia, who mean so much to me.
2. A new shop on the web which used to be an ebay shop. Selling the gorgeous Prima flowers, this lovely lady offers free p&P on orders over £10. Why nominate this blog? Well I think everyone deserves a break and besides, I get most of my flowers there and her service is first class all round.
3. A blog by a lady, Hazel, who at the moment needs a hug. Ever so talented, she finds the time to include her work on her blog whilst doing all those other things in her life.

4. A blog by Chris who inspires me with her beautiful cards. I pop on regularly for a 'fix' !

5. This blog is my little comforter. Have a look and if you know me you will understand.
Even more difficult is choosing 5 things about me. Crickey! I'm not interesting but here goes:

1. When I was 11yrs old, I won the Blackpool Evening Gazette Young Seasiders Award. I made a felt toy which was a red indian chief on a rearing horse. Wish I still had it today.

2. In my early teens I represented Lancashire in a womans amateur athletic associations event. So I can say that I've run for my county.

3. I've driven a car at 110mph.

4. I've seen the Beetles perform live at the ABC theatre in Blackpool and owned their autographs, but they were stolen.

5. I am really good at learning foreign languages. I took French for 5yrs and can now say bonjour! I also studied latin for 2yrs and my last exam result was 11 out of 110!! That's good, isn't it??

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