Monday, 5 October 2009


I opened my bedroom curtains this morning to be greated by a wonderful sight. The gorgeous grey wagtail that honoured us with his presence most of last winter, is back.

Nicknamed 'Waggy Waggy' he was hopping from one lily pad to another catching little insects. I'm so pleased to see him because it makes you feel special when wild life visits your garden, especially time and time again. Perhaps Autumn and Winter aren't so bad after all!!

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Lindsay Mason said...

Hi Joanne - I know just how you feel and it's so exciting when you see old friends revisiting. Glad I'm not the only one who gives really imaginative names to our little friends! We now have a Tawny Owl calling in a large tree outside the window each evening so I am going to play a Tawny owl call to him and see if he comes nearer in the chance of spotting him - they do say it works! Will keep you posted! Lindsay x x