Tuesday, 9 February 2010


The absolutely lovely Lindsay Mason, who I saw last Saturday at a local demo, has lent me a couple of books. The first is called 'The Cat Who Went to Paris' and is about a man who hated cats until one very special feline came into his life and changed his attitude forever. I managed the 1st chapter before bursting into tears as every single word related exactly to our Toby. However, tears dried I have now managed a few more pages and am eager to read the whole book.

The 2nd is 'Dewey' and is about a small town library cat whose ever growing fame touched people world wide.

I am grasping at spare moments to read these books but will get there slowly. The picture is of my 2 ornaments of cats which mimic in every way some of Toby's poses, notice Toby's mouse? They take pride of place in my craft room.


Lindsay Mason said...

I knew that book would touch you Joanne, knowing how Toby went everywhere with you. The story of Dewey really got to me and I could hardly see the pages through my tears at certain points in the story. It's good to remember though, even when the memories bring sadness as well as joy. Lindsay x x

Jill B (jilleebee) said...

Sounds like my kind of book - I must look out for a copy! Books about cats and dogs always leave me sobbing - even the happy ones!!!

Hels said...

Yikes, I was nearly shedding a tear just reading your description...you know, if it wasn't for a cat, I wouldn't be crafting...I had a beautiful fluffball called Poppy who was my baby..she saw me thru some hellish times and once I was happily married she got sick and I had to make that most difficult decision to let her go...crikey, I am welling up here again...anyway...my Grim, knowing how much I loved and missed her, bought me a TSV to make cards and occupy my mind...the rest they say, is history. I have a gorgeous boy cat now called Alfie, who is also my baby .. and I know it sounds daft but he just knows when I am sad/hurting/ill, he is so intuitive and really is a complete darling..and a bit spoiled too :O)) I am off to look up that book you mentioned...sounds like it could be a good read...and...am loving your slideshow..some darling puddytats on there xx

*apologies for waffling on...see,that is what cats make us do LOL*

Joanne said...

Don't apologise Hels, that was lovely. If you go back through my older posts to the Xmas before last, you will follow Toby's story as I made scrap pages to help me over losing him. I still have more photos to scrap but am taking my time because for some 'odd' reason, I don't ever want to finish his album. x

Hels Sheridan said...

((((HUGS))))) For you hun....I know just how you are feeling xxx