Monday, 26 November 2012


and it went far like a star.......ok, I know those are'nt the words but all are true.
My little brum brum passed it's MOT -- YIPPEEEEEE!!!
I have a new headache now - how to use an i-phone. My phone contract is almost up, infact I am typing with one hand whilst holding my phone in the other listening to music until my old provider decides to answer so I can ------ oh! sorted.
Well, I can get sorted with apps now and the 2 going on first will be the Blogger app and Tim's app. I will be able to write blog posts from my phone and keep up to date with my craft stash. Sweet.
Anyone got any paracetamol??????


soniajones said...

haha I understand car and MOT, I even understand engines - however, I have no idea about iphones or apps - I'm afraid my phone makes and takes calls no more no less!! xx

pearshapedcrafting said...

Way -hey! Well done little car!! You will get into your new phone quicker than you think! I've got an android and although I'm no expert it gets easier each time! Love Chrisx

DonnaMundinger said...

Yea! on the car. Can't help you with the phone. My mobile phone does NOTHING but call. LOL xxD