Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Just look at the number of weeks our leader of the world desk hop Julia, has been giving us the chance to have a good old nosey at other folk's craft spaces, 182, incredible.
It's such an eye-opening time to see the crafty work of others - given the time. I for one just don't seem to know the meaning of the word 'time' just now, not having any of it. Not done many Xmas cards for eg. done no Xmas shopping - a big NO NO for me - so must get cracking somehow. Oh my desk, well this is it this week:
My purse, empty of money!, my new distress stains -1 which is still in the post, my new phone, - getting to grips with it slowly, a new bottle of Cosmic Shimmer glue and a new (to me) set of Tim's Xmas stamps - no craft going on as I need the time!!!!
To top all this, my compter has a fault and is on a go slow. Oh !!%%&&*****
Right, a new day so got to get some of these backlog jobs done.


Sunshine Girl said...

Lovely tidy desk there! Have fun playing with the stains and stamps when you finally get some time! I love mine. Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl #25

Helen said...

Yes, time does fly... not done any Christmas shopping yet, but cards are just about made!! Have a lovely day, hope your stains turn up. Helen 8

Linda said...

Your workspace looks so organised - I hope you find some time to craft soon.

Annie said...

Sounds like life had just got in the way of srafting fun this week.
A x #42
ps I'm hoping you will 'like' us and share us with your friends. [check out my blog for more info]

Helen said...

It is the silly season when we all pile a huge lot of new stuff to accomplish on top of all the stuff we normally do!!! I am making lists already as I feel my brain overloading! Hope you get some tasks ticked off your list today! Happy WOYWWW to you from Helen 37

pearshapedcrafting said...

That purse loks as though you may be tempted again! As for Christmas cards I had hoped to post some before we go away - huh! dream on Chris! Hope you soon have some time - we never learn do we?!! Hugs, Chrisx

Lindsay Mason said...

Your desk looks as full of creativity as ever...I can especially relate to the empty purse though! Glad to hear about your car and hope that means we will get together soon. Lindsay x x x

505whimsygirl said...

Oh, I know how you feel! I've done it to myself..... trying to get my place ready to sell right in time for the holiday season. That means I won't be decorating for Christmas.

And my poor wallet -- tee hee!!

Your desk looks as if it's waiting for you......

Kay #108

lisa said...

Your not on your own with the Xmas prep. Not much happening here either!! Someone told me a horrible joke that it's only 4 weeks away. Can't be true surely!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Enjoy your new crafty stash.
Hugs Lisax #59

Zeffy said...

lovely tidy desk...No money for Christmas gifts this year...and not much time to make any gifts either....4 weeks away did they say??

Maxam Made said...

MAke time! Drink more coffee, bring the stamps into the kitchen, oh there are ways!! Fun desk, aren't wallets supposed to be empty??
Happy Week!
Ginny #103

Elizabeth said...

Tidy desk ... too tidy perhaps! Perhaps the anticipation of all the lovely crafting goodies you've emptied your purse for will help you catch up on that backlog :) I'm still making my late way round WOYWW land but enjoying the trip. Hope you are having a lovely weekend. Elizabeth x #67