Sunday, 17 March 2013


I'm meeting myself coming back today.
Ebay has free listing again this weekend so I've just put a load of old craft stuff on. I have 2 Xmas cards on the make:
I signed up to Andy Skinner's Book of ruination so have been getting the necessary items together for that, just completed a very lengthy Spybot search on my computer, trying to cook dinner and not burn it plus making a list of the problems my computer has because I'm taking it to get it sorted tomorrow.
All this whilst trying not to scratch my skin off. Thank goodness I have a hospital appointment on Thursday. can 't take much more of it.
Right, got to go and get the Yorkshires in.

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Artyjen said...

Having problems multi tasking with the workshp myself!! LOL At the minute I have 5 different things on the go!!!! Sadly none of them are HP! ROFL...there is a chance this week though.....this is really tough ;(
xoxo Sioux