Wednesday, 20 March 2013


I have no computer Julia so it's difficult to link a post using my phone, at least, I dont know how to.
It's gone for an upgrade and a fan clean plus some programme sorting.
I hope I get it back today.


Artyjen said...

I can see Ruination about to begin ;)
xoxo Sioux

Pallavi said...

Download the blogger app to your phone. It's so easy to take pics on the phone upload them along with what you want to write. I always do my blog on my phone. Cute crafty area happy WOYWW!

Ria Gall said...

we are missing you come back soon
Have a wonderful WOYWW
Ria #44

sandysewin said...

Hope all is well with your computer. Your phone photo looks pretty good!

Happy Woyww,

Sandy #103

Nan G said...

Hey fellow Ruination classmate! Happy WOYWW! Nan #3

Ohhh Snap said...

hoping you are back to full internet access via your computer soon!