Tuesday, 16 April 2013


Even though I have a rather large craft store about 14 miles away, they tend not to always stock the latest products that I require for my crafty pleasure. I therefore have over the last few years, bought online.
The very best online shop I have found to be Craft Obsessions.  Not only do they keep up to date products but they also offer free postage on orders over £10 and their delivery is quick too.
The personal service is also second to non. Just look at this little pile of free fibres that always come with the compliment slip
I have found many uses for their fibres over the years.
So why am I singing their praises at this time? Well, I ordered the new Distress Metallic Paints and as usual my order was promptly dealt with and the paints arrived within a couple of days. Eagerly, I opened the package but found this

a lovely pewter and a lovely brass but a not so lovely bronze. Somehow the bronze paint had leaked and I had no idea whether this had happened in trasit, at the factory or wherever. I didn't open the cellophane on the bottle and immediately contacted David and Brenda to see what to do.
The reply came back at once that a new bottle was in the post and I should keep the faulty one. Not only that, but I was given instructions on how to clean up the bottle so that it could be used. I wanted to return the faulty item so they could obtain a refund from Ranger but they wouldn't hear of it.
So that is why I am singing their praises.
CRAFT OBSESSIONS is truly the best online craft shop.

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Artyjen said...

It's nice to know there are places like that out there ;)
xoxo Sioux