Friday, 19 April 2013

THE RETURN OF THE...........

Swifty Swallow Martins - yippee!!
Summer is on it's way folk because these little birds have arrived again. Not a good photo, but 1 is sitting on the telephone wire whilst a couple more were flying around.
Despite the gales over the last few days, these amazing little birds have made it to the NW Coast. Well done.
I had my skin biopsy this morning. Having waited 12 weeks to get this far the problem had calmed quite dramatically but they went ahead all the same. Just another little wait for the result and hopefully if it gets that bad again at least I hope there will be a cure.
I'm on with a couple of craft projects for presents but managed to complete the box I have been working on . The result is very pleasing and for me, it's a big success.
This is the finished base

the 'in progess' lid
and finally, the completed box

To gain perspective, the whole thing is ATC size.
I'm going to try and use these techniques with different colours but knowing me, they won't come out anything like as appealing. Have to have a go though so watch this space.

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pearshapedcrafting said...

Great box-love the crazed effect! Saw a swallow today myself while talking to neighbour, who reminded me one swallow doesn't make a summer- then saw two more - Summer IS on it's way!! Hope you get your skin sorted soon! Love, Chrisx