Friday, 26 April 2013

THE TROUBLE WITH MAKING PRESENTS not being able to share the process until the item is given away. Being as I'm making Xmas presents, that isn't going to happen for ages.
I have some flowers to die cut from these pieces of card and need a tiny brad so I can hang a tiny metal tassle from the centre of one of the flowers, hence my box of brads on my work space. Apart from that I can't share any more of this project.
Off to the nurse today to have the stitch removed from the biopsy I had. Can't understand why I had to wait a week for this when I had stitches removed after 4 days following major surgery. No idea when I get the results suffice to say, they told me I would be contacted this week which so far hasn't happened. At least the itching and soreness has subsided and I feel so much better especially as I also have a 3 month reprieve on the BP front being as I'm a border case. All I need now is a trip away - oh! I've got one of those too. I'll try and blog but if not, I'll catch up when I return.

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Ohhh Snap said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you. And itchiness drives me round the bend, so I'm glad that improved for you. And here is a gold star for doing your Christmas presents so far in advance. I've rarely been able to do that. There have been Aprils I was making the previous Christmas' presents. Looking forward to seeing what you made when you can show it : D