Sunday, 22 December 2013


It's 4 days now into our 2 weeks away. 
Lots of window shopping, a bit of buying too, a rather lot if drinking - well it is the festive season!!! - and a birthday - oh dear!!
We walked the few yards down the lane to the Rake on Friday for a meal which was delish and I was given a bottle of wine as it was MY day. How lovely was that. 
Most of our shopping had been over the road at Chester Oaks which this year boasts this
An outside and inside photo there of the massive tree on display for charity.
We also had the enviable treat of stroking these
Having a lovely time so far
We are well battoned down incase the weather turns - expected storms - so will shop for fresh veg etc tomorrow then stay put.  Hopefully our web access remains. 
So far so good but I want to have a go at the crafty project I brought with me. It may work but then again may not!

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pearshapedcrafting said...

Looks as though you're doing alright there! Sorry I missed your birthday, the piccy looked wonderful! Wishing you a Wonderful Christmas! Chrisx