Tuesday, 17 December 2013


I really cannot believe that it's the 17th of December again. 5 years have gone by since we said goodbye to our Toby. It still hurts like you wouldn't know. I can still hear him saying 'hello' as he charged in the front door and he continued until you said 'hello' back - honestly. I can hear his loud purring and feel his velvety coat, and I'm sure his 'dadi' can still feel his freezing cold feet on his back as Toby tried his best to push him out of bed!! Any one who has had a wonderful pet will know exactly what I mean when I say there is a massive gap where he once was. So this year's scrapbook page is this:
I took inspiration from a gorgeous page in Scrap 365 magazine dated Aug/Sept 2013.
What an ingenious way to use thin dies. The #5 is appropriate for this year.
When I re-sized Toby's photo it took on the look of having been drawn. I think it's quite different and makes him look 'cheeky', which he was. Thanks for looking. I'd also like to dedicate this page to a dear lady who has never forgotten Toby's anniversary and who helped me get through the pain all those years ago. She is going through her own personal pain at the moment and I'm sending her the warmest of wishes and gentle cuddles. I won't tell you who she is but she means a lot to me and our internet friendship is one of the best.


Artyjen said...

Lovely page Joanne ;)
xoxo Sioux

Sue said...

Beautitul tribute page, Joanne. I think those of us who love animals always carry a piece of them with us once they have gone to the Rainbow Bridge.