Friday, 27 December 2013


A day makes

Last night was one of the most horrendous - weather wise - I've ever had.
Being away in the motorhome - with an awning up - in the middle of some of the worse gales for a very long time, was for me, a nightmare.
I honestly never slept a wink. 
I had my phone by my side and kept posting on FB how I felt and received support from my fellow FB pals. Thank you for keeping me going through the night you made me retain my sanity.
Thank goodness the worse has passed and it's reasonably quiet, so coupled with a few tipples I hope to sleep well tonight and make up for the lost hours.
I hope you are all safe because really the weather has been an 'ass' all over the country. 

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Maureen said...

The weather has been an 'ass' here in central Canada too - a huge dumping of snow and bitterly cold (can you believe -50C? Yep).

Glad you are okay!