Friday, 13 December 2013


In between doing other things - nothing very exciting but necessary, I've managed to sew a bit more curtain.
I tacked all the pieces together then carefully machined them. 
It's about time my trusty machine was used again instead of sitting in the lobby hole. 
Once that was done and the seams pressed I removed all the tacking.
That bit went on for ever.
I had some advice from the girls in our FB group - Hels Warriers from the Frozen North - who suggested putting black bands between the rows to make the material stand out more, but as getting the measurements right took me an age and a half I decided to use stitching instead. Black was a good idea so I bought more thread but when I looked at the curtain as a whole, brown seemed the better colour so off I went to buy brown thread instead.
I've just finished the fancy stitching along all the seams and am now ready for the next bit of embellishing.
There is a really tricky bit to come, not quite yet though, the lining. My pal Sylvia has told me how to go about it but it really does need to be perfect. I may wait 'til the New Year to do that.

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soniajones said...

ab fab you clever woman !!!xxx