Friday, 20 December 2013


Yes, I've managed another year which means today is my birthday.
I have received THE most gorgeous cards and presents and I think by posting a photo on my blog is the best way I can thank you all plus let the world see the amazing works of art you have produced.
Being away in the motorhome means a nice lazy day but after this I must get ready and venture out me thinks. Here goes for the photo
Can you spot the amazing quilted table runner? SYLVIA this is incredible. I will not be able to put it away so you may see this on my table all year round. Thank you for the crafted card too because I know you haven't made many this year so to take the time for me is very special. THANK YOU
Notice the incredible canvas? GEZ how fabulous, you know I adore Stampotique so to receive this plus a crafted card too made this extra special and to have taken the time for me whilst all the things you have going on is even more special.
See that little Tim Holtz binder? SONIA how could you ever part with anything Tim? How special do I feel and it's filled with Timmy papers, pockets, tags etc ready for me to complete. The crafted card is perfect too just like all your amazing work.
Notice the 2 little girls on a swing card? HAZEL this brought a lump to my throat because the Matt says friends as does the rope holding their swing. Considering we have never met and the fact you won't give me your puppy (LOL) I am over the moon with it. 
You cannot miss the box of top class toiletries nor the tea light lanterns and the adorable card. PAULA & QUENTIN I am so happy and excited with these. The lanterns will always remind me of a special and fun filled day out plus I know they will be part of extra fun when you design and make my new garden - kidding - not!!!!!!
The tag card looks hand made but isn't. SUSI you are my pal and I didn't expect to receive anything from you so this card is special because it shows you care and I love you lots.
The big card at the back is from my hubby.  He knows how I feel XXXXXX
To everyone wishing me a Happy Birthday on Facebook, THANK YOU so much. 


Hazel (Didos) said...

Ah fabby cards and pressies xx Ha you still arent getting Belle, Hope you have a super day, Love Hazel xxx

Artyjen said...

Have a happy, happy day :)
xoxo Sioux

Maureen said...

Happy Belated Birthday Joanne. My hubby's birthday is December 24th, which sucks, since when he was little it got lumped together with Christmas. Glad to see yours was extra special!