Tuesday, 11 March 2014


After checking out of the hotel we drove to the quay side and parked up in the car park opposite Sunseeker.
This is the car we hired and this is the car park.
I'm showing this because when I win the lottery I want to buy this piece if land and build a house so I can always watch Sunseeker building their magic.
So Eddie Jordans boat is almost finished. 
The lads were working hard all over it today finalising the last tasks.
Being a bit overcast meant we could make out the ice blue hull which looks really good. Lots of the small roof and LED lights were on so some details were visible to us which we couldn't make out in bright sunshine.
The first photo in this post is one of the hull of another yacht in production just to show how it all begins and ends up like this 

Sadly we had to leave as the journey home takes around 6 hours. I took as many last looks at this wonderful boat as I could through the 'silly' tears in my eyes and said my final good wishes to her.
Enjoy your boat EJ and please let me on board to have a look round.

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Artyjen said...

I'd like to say I'm best friends with Eddie Jordan so I could get you on there.....sadly I'm not!!!!
Glad you enjoyed your trip.
xoxo Sioux