Wednesday, 5 March 2014


- just long enough to finish painting the fence panels. 
These will replace the ones at the back which amazingly survived the hurricane winds despite being partly rotten and bowed like a banana.
The far corner of our space had a box bush in it and I want to save it and trim it up into a ball like the other one I have. I managed to dig it out and replant it in a big pot I bought yesterday.
It's all out of shape having spent years against a fence. Once it's had chance to settle, I'll start to trim it.
My back is aching badly today so we packed up mid afternoon. Hubby has a hospital appointment tomorrow to - hopefully, sort his night time breathing. Must admit, he's been a lot better lately or he wouldn't have been able to do any of this garden work. Just hope he finds a cure so his sleep isn't disturbed any more - dare I also say - mine too!!

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Nan G said...

Looking very good. But you two are working way too hard. Enjoy a day off tomorrow. Hope all goes well for hubby.