Thursday, 20 March 2014


Another week has flown by many of the days have stayed dry allowing more garden work.
Hubby - my workman! - and I dug out the raised brick planter in the far corner. I saved as much soil as I dare then had to take the rest to the tip as it was riddled with ivy roots. The bricks had to go too so all that meant another 8 trips to the tip. 
 Hubby then had to isolate the electrics which served the pond pump and we plan to use the wiring for a security light which we bought yesterday.
The infill - all 3 tonnes, has settled really well so we ordered a further half tonne to take it all to the level ready for paving.
So the next challenge was to create the bin area which we've achieved with a new fence panel, base and some of the old gazebo wood. Still a bit to do on this but rain is expected today so no painting. 
Coming along nicely and so far so good.
The next step is to pave the area. We've decided to crazy pave as we have a lot of flags and have been offered more by a neighbour. Once that's done I can order railway sleepers to make raised borders and start making it all look pretty.


Nan G said...

Looking very clean and neat. You two are doing a fab job! Can you stop by my house next? :) It's going to be a lovely relaxing garden for you. Now rest while it rains.

Suzanne J Dean said...

That's a big project to undertake but it looks really all the natural stone & new plantings. Beautiful & worth it in the end :)