Thursday, 19 June 2014


With a special friend.
Today I visited my friend Sylvia, you know the lady who has these views every day
From her veranda. The sun shone on us while we nattered the day away looking out over the amazing Ax valley. 
I took Sylvia a little heart that I'd altered just for her
but after a wonderful cuddle with Kobe and Asa looking on 
I had this on my mind - an absolutely incredible present from Sylvia 
I'm just blown away with my lap quilt and matching cushions made in less than 2 weeks by this super talented lady. She made them for my motorhome but as we only go away a few times they are definitely going home so I can look at them every single day. 
I cannot believe I have this quilt and cushions. I will cherish them forever and a day.
THANK YOU Sylvia and Reg for a super day.  

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