Saturday, 14 June 2014


Hubby wanted to come to Weston Park for the RC flying show again this year so here we are. It really is a show for the boys but all the girls come because the grounds are spectacular and meeting up with buddies for a fun weekend appeals to everyone. 
The weather is fantastic despite a little shower at tea time yesterday and I've managed 2 days crafting outside.
Today however, it's a bit breezy so after a wander around the House gardens I'm going to craft inside whilst hubby goes off again pondering whether to buy yet another 'toy'!!!!!!!
In all the years we have come to this show I've never been round the gardens so having fallen in love with my perennials I decided to go and see them here this year. I was disappointed because their perennial border - here
Is not what I expected from a grand house. Anyway, enjoy these photos instead
Just a taster. This is a small view of the show and some campers
I could see our motorhome but can't describe to you where to look except down the middle of the double row of cars. 
Tonight there will be the most exciting night flying ever with a glider boasting blue lights and fireworks exploding from its wing tips plus umpteen helicopters and planes also giving a firework display. We will definitely be on the flight line to see that.

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Nan G said...

Wow so cool! Lovely spot to craft and wonder. Cool night flying! I have friends who are into RCing. They'd love this. Enjoy!