Thursday, 26 June 2014


Nearly 2 weeks away in beautiful surroundings and glorious sunshine are over once more. This trip just sort of happened. We were only meant to be going to the model air show but we decided to surprise my friend Sylvia and continue on to Devon to go and see her. As I said in my previous post, we had a lovely day so it was well worth the trip. 
However, it was not without problems. Our motorhome is well equipped with solar panels, a 220amp leisure battery, massive capacity water tanks, a 2.5kw inboard generator and 1kw portable one etc etc so camping in the grounds of Weston Park should be a doddle. Not so when suddenly the leisure battery fails because so does everything!!!!
That's what happened to us just 2 days in. Thank goodness we had the car with us - 
Because hubby took the battery off that so that the fridge/freezer, water pump, lights and sattelite dish/tv worked. All would be well once we reached Devon as we would have electric hook up there - wouldn't it????
The leisure battery appeared to have a faulty connection but try as we might we couldn't get one anywhere, well a set actually, but being on electric meant everything worked until - I was having a shower and that packed in!!!!!!!
Hubby started to unscrew the door etc in order to get to the tap connections but found the whole bathroom is in one piece!!! He couldn't start dismantling everything so we had to have stand up washes and I had to wash my hair over the sink!!!!!
But we had the car so we could go out - that was until something went wrong with that. We managed to get to Seaton to see Sylvia 
But how on earth we got back to Stover we don't know plus we developed a slow puncture in the front off side tyre.
Once again hubby to the rescue. He suspected the air filter may have a problem so took that off turned it round and the engine started to run smoothly again. By this point it was just about time to pack up and come home.
I did however, manage to find just the right thing to spend a very generous anniversary gift voucher on from Sylvia and Reg. Hope you like what I got Sylvia.
My garden is an absolute picture and has grown beyond belief. A BIG thanks to our Paula for keeping it watered.

I have come home with my head full of crafty things to do so all I need now is time. I spent last night taking forward the canvases I began whilst away
And have gotten this far with them
I hope to add some texture paste, stamping and stencilling today.
Well I had better get cracking or they will never be finished. Thanks for sharing this adventure with me through social medias, it's such a quick way of keeping abreast of things these days and your responses are much appreciated.

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Nan G said...

Oh my what an adventure! Glad you made home safely. Love the canvases! Looking forward to seeing how they're finished out. Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #77