Wednesday, 17 September 2014


As I said in my last post, last weekend will stay with me forever, it was that special. 
The big canvas gave me palpitations as Finn's was so utterly gorgeous I never thought I could make anything similar. 
See how amazing it was.
But when I couldn't get the glue to work for me, our Lou stepped in to help - xx.
Then when I realised I'd put paper on upside down on the back of my journal, lovely Sue just gave advice on what comments to say to anyone who actually noticed and we all had a good laugh coming up with more.
Annette and I had actually picked the same colours for our journal covers without knowing, so once we did realise we worked together choosing a contrast, that was fun.
The banter with Finn over English words had each class joining in and I reckon she knows a few more words and expressions now!!
All in all what I am trying to get across is the group fun and team work at these workshops. It really is the best.
These are Finn's samples, I thought they may whet your appetite. 

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